Thursday, February 08, 2007

Palestinian factions agree on Unity Government

Well, that's what the press is saying. I've just finished watching the press conference live on Aljazeera.

Its obvious the agreement was more to please the outside world than each other. It is also clear that the intl community won't have it either way, so it seems futile in that regard: the've said in no uncertain terms they will not accept a government with Hamas members in it, particularly one that does not meet its ridiculous demands. Ultimately, the demands remain hypocratical and unjust. What borders are they agreeing to when Israel itself does not have internationally recognized borders and why shoud anyone be forced to wholeheartedly accepted peace deals that are almost unanimously considered flawed, or give up their right to self-defence, when they are still Occupied? The whole thing is too bizarre for words, too Kafka-esque for even Kafka himself.

ANyhow. Abbas was solemnly scratching his hair as the announcement was being made. Haniya looked on unceremoniously. Everyone seemed really tense, exhausted, not particularly enthused about anything that had apparently been agreed.

Which brings us to the meat of the agreement...

Personally speaking, I couldn't figure it out and I listened to the whole thing. I just heard a bunch of old promises about dialogue and something about "overcoming egos". The most I got was "They agreed to ban Palestinian bloodshed".

But nothing about the exact points of agreement. Just that it would be "Agreeable" to the internaitonal community.

Nevertheless, the moment the announcement-less announcement was made, the streets of Gaza-according to my father who relayed the news by phone-erupted in celebration. "Do you hear that? Gushots!" "What else is new" I replied, not amused. "No, its celebratory gunfire! and fireworks! I don't think we'll sleep tonight! People are celebrating the agreement!"

Whether it will really be news to celebrate remains to be seen. Recent months have provided much to optimistic about, but I suppose we must try. We have no other choice.


Blogger eurofrank said...

Hi Laila

Did your last sentence omit the word "not"

I read the Time article,8599,1587969,00.html

with interest. What seems to be good news is that the Palestinians have come to a deal among themselves for their own benefit and shut out US meddling.

I find it a little sad that noone else seems to have commented.

9:23 AM  

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