Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Hiba!

We're in Egypt now, after a very long trans-Atlantic flight (Yousuf was as well-behaved as an angel) where we'll wait for the border to open and then take off to Gaza, God willing.

But I'd like to introduce you all to a new Gaza blog (drumroll please...): My friend and neighbour (and reader!) in Gaza City, Hiba Zayan, has finally acted on my advice to put her thoughts as Gazan simply trying to survive, and taking it all in, into words. She has started a new blog, Contemplating from Gaza, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome her to the Palestinian (and global) blogging neighbourhood! I hope it is long and fruitful-and do not let the naysayers deter you.

Hiba's few starting entries are gripping and poetic-she has a saliently melencholic way of capturing that feeling we all have inside of us as Gazans-the one that eats away at our very existence. Here's a taste:

"How can Gazans deal with the negative stress they face on a daily basis while their problems trespassed, long ago, coping with continuous stress to coping with changes in their personalities , tolerance, and manners to the worse as a result of being exposed to negative stress. It is not about not being able to perform your duties. It is rather about a legacy of fear and anxiety transported to our children and the next generation."

"Day dreaming and story telling for me have become the woman yelling on the radio local channel for help because her house is surrounded by soldiers. It became the work colleague who could not survive a heart attack in Beit Hanoun when his house was brutally broken into. I think that the colors of this quilt of imagination 'metaphorically speaking' are getting more and more mingled by the image of two women falling in a march while others are running under a merciless sky. The thing is that I can not stop thinking or imagining for that matter but I think that is the last worry a Gazan has."


Blogger eurofrank said...

Hiba must have brought luck. Haaretz says the Kuwaitis are donating £30 millionto the PA.

2:01 PM  
Blogger eurofrank said...


Now Yusuf is in the jet set, I wonder if you are aware of this project to equip every child in the world with a laptop. Nick Negroponte showed us the prototype at a meeting six weeks ago.

It is a wind up machine so it continues to work even if the electricity fails.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Salam Laila, I just knew through your blog that you were in the U.S. giving some talks about Palestine and Life their! I hope if you come to the U.S. another time to have you as a speaker at one of the events for the Palestine group at Georgia Tech in Atlanta! it will be really interesting to hear from an insider (well, I lived in Gaza until 1999, but since then I went their few weeks). We at the Student for Justice in Palestine (SJP Georgia Institute of Technology) would love to have you as speaker sometimes whenever you are here in the U.S.

7:43 AM  

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