Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lift the Closure-Give Life a Chance!

Ah-the Shalit deal. On again. Off again. On again-and now, off again (according to Haaretz and Hamas both, it never existed to start with).

As though Shalit were the end all be all of the Palestinian problem. Nevermind the 1.5 million Palestinians trying to survive under siege. Nevermind the 11 thousand palestinian prisoners in israeli jails.

In any case, it appears that there was perhaps something in the works-and in an attempt to pressure Hamas to sign on, Egypt (already sealing Rafah Crossing in collusion with Israel for going on two years now) has hindered passage through Gaza's only land crossing to thousands of Palestinians yesterday and today. This, despite an announcement that they would open the crossing for 72 hours. Collective punishment.

Of the some 5000 Palestinians registered to cross, only 250 were allowed out of Gaza on the first day (a total of 5 buses), and only 4 buses scheduled to depart today.

My parents-on bus # 16, are waiting along with thousands of others. They registered to travel over 2 months ago, and keep checking whether their names have appeared on the list of the lucky on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, but nothing is ever guaranteed in Gaza.


Blogger Marcel Dubois said...

You mean 11 thousand prisoners.

I really am sorry for this situation, it is so infuriating, and so obviously tyrannical. I wish I could detonate the wall. Justice does justify defensive coercion to restore men's natural rights.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Yasmine said...

It's so saddening to hear about all the troubles and hardships everyone in Gaza has to face, and whats worse is that Arab leaders are partially responsible for this! It really is not fair and goes against every human right I can think of!
I wish you all the luck with your parents, Insha2allah they will be among the lucky to cross the border! =)

12:42 AM  
Blogger Jewel said...

Hi Laila, been reading your blogs and find them interesting and very sad.I have a very dear friend who is Palestinian from Khan Younis and has been waiting and waiting for his visa to enable him to travel to the U.K. where he is expected on business. The Zionists and their allies have a lot to answer for and the treatment of the Palestinian people is a total disgrace, but the world seems to allow it. May G-d bless you all for your strength, faith and tenacity often in appalling circumstances and your quest reach a positive conclusion very soon inshallah! x

10:15 PM  

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