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A quick note on comments

Dear all:

Just a quick note to let you know- I literally receive hundreds (and in recent days, thousands) of comments to my inbox, which await moderation. It it not humanly possible for me to read and publish every single one; And of course, the ones that are downright hatemail I do not even both reading let alone publishing-so don't waste your breathe people. That is why I do not leave my comments section as a free for all. But this is just to let you know- its not personal, I just don't have time or womanpower to do it all- this is a one-person machine! thank you, though, every one (even the hateful ones) who take time out of your day to stop by and read what I have to say-and go further by leaving a comment.


Blogger kerryanner said...

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Blogger kerryanner said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experience. I myself am a mother of four living a life of safety and predictability in the US. I have been following the events in Gaza and I am nearly paralyzed by sadness, wishing there was something, anything I could do to help other than just hope and pray for you and your families. Please know we are here on our knees praying for your family's safety. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Blogger Кэтрин said...

I know you receive a lot of comments and probably do not have the chance to read them all, but I really hope you do see this one.

I want to show you a commercial which I caught while watching MSNBC a few nights ago...

Amazingly, the title is called "Gaza Crisis".

I'm not sure if you have heard of the group that made this commercial, but I caught an earlier infomercial that was broadcast on a Christian network. In it, they were asking for large monetary donations to help build settlements and take poor Jews from Russia and former soviet countries to live on land stolen from the Palestinians.

Now, with this new commercial, they are making it look as though the people of Gaza are not the ones suffering.

This group advocates the demolition of homes in Gaza and the West Bank and then turns around and wonders why bombs are falling in Israel.

I was in complete and total shock when I first saw it. I have since posted it in a Facebook group where people not from the states were surprised that something like this shows on television here. They have called the number on the commercial to let them know exactly how they feel about it.

If you would like to, I think it would be great for you to post this here. Your blog gets many more views than the one post I made on Facebook ever could.

While I know getting more people to call this group's number won't stop them from producing more commercials like this, but an overwhelming amount of people calling to tell them we do not approve of such propaganda won't hurt. Especially if they get more calls from us than they do donations.

Thank you for your blog ... and keep being strong!

- Katie

Also, here is a link to where I have posted it on Facebook, if you'd like to read some of the responses thus far...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stuck for what to say. I am, was ignorant to what was happening but friends on sites and family have sent me links about what really is going on.
I am ashamed of myself for being a essentially safe UK citizen
My heart and best wishes go out to you and all those suffering.
May it be stopped soon.

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