Thursday, January 08, 2009

hand in hand, Gaza stands

3 hours. And each person, family, group, had to decide how to allocate that time. Some divided the labor: bread, blankets, food. Others rushed to visit loved ones-or simply to get some fresh air.

My parents decided to visit some of the 'UN schools-cum-shelters', and described the scene to me:

"Every family consisted of at least 10 members; and there was one blanket for the whole lot. We took some donated blankets and clothes with us. Many of these people told me they are well-to-do, but now find themselves with little more than the clothes on their backs."

"But despite it all-remarkably- everybody is standing hand in hand, supporting one another. Their spirits are remarkably high" he said over the phone, his voice sounded more rested than it had in days.

Further south, in Rafah, the news was much more grim. Just as a "pause" was in effect, hundreds of residents there received calls and leaflets from the Israeli army demanding they leave their homes ahead of an imminent bombardment.

I called my my friend Fida Qishta for an update-in the background, a commotion of voices.

"The announcement was for everyone to leave- the border area people; half the city left, but many are refusing to go. We are hosting many families-that is all the noise you hear. We have about 30 people here with us," said Fida.

"You have to understand something: Its not about bulldozers anymore…they are bombing with F-16s..destroying entire families Laila...entire families" she
repeated, driving the point home.

Fida refers to the period during the second Intifada, when Rafah bore the brunt of Israel's military aggression in the Strip-demolishing homes there en-masse with armored Israeli bulldozers under the guise of destroying tunnels. A report by Human Rights Watch at the time found the true intention to be the desire to create a a buffer zone. It seems they now want to "finish the job".

"The first few days of the conflict, they bombed a pharmacy about 60 metres from the house. Nowhere is safe."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just know, as an Iranian not living in Gaza... I'm tired,tired of this situation this bloodshed,terrorism.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I very much appreciate that you are trying to get us some real news to this horrible inhumane, situation. May allah protect them.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Khatia Caroline said...

Worrying for you all there! Wish peace and good future for you and your children!

6:54 PM  
Blogger Sunny Singh said...

Laila - have posted a link to your blog from a post on mine. Be safe. God bless..

7:49 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Laila

I am so angry at how the media is treating this tragedy in Gaza.

I sent emails to CNN trying to tell them that the real story is the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza and the 60 years of brutal (illegal) occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Further to my email regarding your silly focus on “Hamas Missiles”.
Hamas does not have weapons of war. The Hamas missiles are like a big fire cracker compared to Israel weapons of mass destruction.

The focus of your reporting should NOT be Hamas missiles but the devastating weapons used on a poor population who have been under a brutal blockade and an even more brutal occupation. That is the story, NOT Israel’s right of self defence.

Israel right of self defence as a matter of fact “all nations have the right to self-defence” but no nation has the right to occupy and to blockade another nation.
All nations that are occupied have the right to fight back and free themselves from occupation.

In the case of Palestine America prevents you from fighting back for your freedom thanks to America’s constant VETO’ S in the UN the occupation continues to this day.

Get the story right CNN. CNN don’t be pawns. Be true journalist. Hamas is not the story. The story is Israel constant abuse of power. Israel is using GAZA for their own propaganda and you fell for it. The misery in GAZA should be your story. The Palestinians have been trying for 60 years to be free and to have a home land and America has helped Israel continue the oppression for 60 years.

I have an idea on how the Palestinians can change their message and at the sometime get attention from the Media.

Please visit this link.

You see the picture of this Jewish family wearing the yellow Star of David. The Palestine Palestinians should do the same thing but they will be wearing a yellow Palestinian flag with black lines outlining the flag.

I do not know if you can reply to me directly. I live in Canada. My email address is

I really would like to help you to explain THE REAL STORY IN GAZA; if ever you are interviewed again by CNN. If you are; you do not have to answer their questions. CNN is guiding you to where they want to bring the story. You have to tell them that you are disappointed that they missed the real story and fell for the Israeli propaganda.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Ram said...

Hi, my name is Ram and I live in Belgium. I have a son of 5 and a daughter of 3, Noor is her name.

In a strange way my body has been connected to the ones in Gaza in the last days, not been able to concentrate during the day and leaving me sleepless at night, as I keep seeing the pictures of wounded and crying, dead and slaughtered children behind closed eyes.

I really hope that this barbaric onslaught will stop, but as I see the leaders of the world being brainwashed by the Israeli government and lobby groups (also in our country), I fear that the suffering for you is not over yet.

My thoughts are with you and your children, all of the children of Gaza.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Laila,
I am a Russian student currently specializing in Palestine studies. I want to express the sympathy and support of my family and friends for Palestinians - both those who are suffering in Gaza Strip at the moment and those who are abroad deprived of the possibility to return.
It's severe trial that the Palestinian people has faced. There's no better proof of the point that the international system is to be reformed than the total helplessness of the so-called international community and law in the face of the vicious will of Israel, the USA, and their allies. Something must be done to end this atrocity and to prevent it from happening any more.
We are with you.
Stay strong.

11:41 AM  

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