Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who done it?

24 hours after yesterday's gruesome attack, Fateh protests, complete with the hurling of insults against their rivals Hamas, have continued unabated throughout Gaza's streets.

And although Fateh run Palestine TV has also been careful to lay blame prematurely, Fateh supporters continued to run amuck in the streets of Gaza, spraying bullets into the air during charged demonstrations, blocking off major city roads with burning tyres, and pitching solidarity tents in from of Mahmoud Abbas's Gaza City home.

The incident continued to dominate conversations almost everywhere around Gaza-in barbershops and taxis, in schools and homes. Mostly, people are trying to solve the mystery of who was behind the attacks, having largely dismissed initial theories that it was Hamas gunmen.

According to some inside sources, the act was actually Fateh on Fateh attack.

Apparently, Balousha had some sort of information on another high profile figure within Fateh that somebody thought should die with him. Except, of course, he missed his target.

Balousha had reportedly documented CIA money transfers to Abbas’s Fateh movement, and who was getting paid, as well as some other information about local drug dealers. I guess if you are an intelligence chief, there is a limitless number of reasons that people would want you dead.

Fateh supporters have been blaming Hamas for being slow to respond-saying they were able to catch those who fired upon Interior Minister Saeed Siyam’s car (a Hamas minister) within hours, and so naturally they should have been able to catch these perpetrators.

Except apparently, Hamas’s executive force is not allowed to deploy everywhere or operate fully: Abbas’s orders. Hamas's response: if their security forces were given the chance, then they could do their job.

Regardless, it appears Balousha and his people had some idea who was responsible-or so he hinted during an interview on Palestine TV today.

It seems the perpetrators of yesterday’s heinous crime are now in the custody of the preventive security forces (who remained under the President, not the Prime Minister’s, authority…confused yet?), though the head honcho, Atif Bakr, is still at large.


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Fatah is the main problem. It is by far the worst movement in history. It hasn't achieved anything! Just like the Ba'ath party in Iraq, I yearn for the day Fatah is destroyed!

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