Friday, December 15, 2006

Gazans speak out on early elections

Tension was palpable in the air today in Gaza, as Hamas's executive forces deployed alongside the presidential guard, hours after an attempt on Prime Minister Ismail Haniya's life. Luckily, the tension has so far not spilled over into violence in Gaza, as in the West Bank, and both forces shown admirable restraint.

Haniya proceeded to give his speech, which many people I spoke with viewed as "re-assuring" given the volatile climate of recent days and weeks. Still, many question marks remain: how will the money he was able to raise make its way into Gaza? Is a unity government still realistic? What is the alternative?

Tommorow Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to give a nationwide talk, in which he will hint-but not overly call for-early elections as an option, something that Hamas, and even Fateh's Qaddoumi, reject. It is a suggestion that the PLO Executive Council recommended last week, however.

Al-Quds al-Arabi editor, and prominent palestinian journalist Abdelbarry Utwan, who was hosted by phone with me last week on Gaza's "Nightdrive" english radio program, believes for his part that a call for early elections is a call for civil war "and we all know who is behind that".

He said it would be a grave mistake for Abbas to call for early elections, and compared Gaza to Algeria of the eary '90s, while noting the contradiction of US support of the Sinora government and opposition to Hamas.

I went around and talked to people about their thoughts on early elections last week in this photostory for Aljazeera. Do bear in mind that it was written before Haniya's speech, which seems to have had a good deal of influence in people's confidence level, according to many local analysts.

Most people seem confused and uncertain, and just want a way out of the current crisis. At the same time, opinion is extremely polarized.

I've also published an oped in the International Herald Tribune echoing previous statements I've made about the criminal closure of Rafah Crossing.


Blogger Assad-u-LLAH said...

the fact is fatah negociated with the zionist for 10 long yrs in good faith and all they got was more dead Palestinians and more stolen land

it is the zionist who must recognize Palestine and give up violence

can anyone name one deal the zionist made they kept? of course not but they demand Hamas keep in good faith all the deals fatah made.

i am not Palestinian so really have no say but....if you recognize israel then you recognize not only the land they have stolen to make their misbegotten country but the illegal imoral occupation and any land they steal in the future

but USRAEL will lift the sanctions and allow you to eat...until there is no more land or people

the ummah needs to do more for heart goes out to you ...any deal you make or have to make you will be welcome with me

but please keep Al Aqsa

1:33 AM  
Blogger فرانسيس said...

My thoughts are with you. Thank you showing us what's going on there. Be well.

9:41 AM  
Blogger A Force for Good said...


Your blog is very helpful. It is unbelievable how so much of the world has turned its back on the decades and decades of occupation and apartheid imposed on so many people living in Gaza and the West Bank. Please check out my blog,, which is a US Presidential candidate's support for Palestine and for a complete withdrawal of all financial and military support for Israel. My heart aches for Palestine and my prayers are with you ALL the time. As I write this I am watching President Mahmoud Abbas speak from Ramallah. I wish I could be there...I wish I could do more.
Bud Carlson
Freeport, Maine USA

12:25 AM  

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