Saturday, November 18, 2006

The face behind the voice

This one is for all those Arabic-speaking readers out there. You know that guy with the really annoying, nasal voice on Aljazeera that does all the voiceovers and translations for english-speaking guests? Well, we finally met yesterday. He was kind enough to give me the grand tour of the Arabic studio (which is much smaller and less grandious than the new english studio). His name is Muwafaq Tawfeeq, a really brilliant guy, and an Iraqi who lived in the UK for a good part of his life, and has been with Aljazeera nearly since its inception. And he admits, jokingly, that everyone tells him the same thing about the way his voice sounds.

More on my Arabic channel tour later-but I also do want to mention for all those curious-famous Algerian anchorwoman Khadeeja DOES arrange her own clothes and hijab before going live-studio fashion/makeup don't do it for her. :)


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