Saturday, November 18, 2006

Aljazeera v Aljazeera

I mentioned earlier that at the last moment, Aljazeera International was officially changed to Aljazeera English. Apparently, this is due to some (ongoing)tensions between the Arabic and English channels. The former thought calling the english Channel "international" implied that the Arabic channel was somehow not, and also seemed to suggest a sort of ideological departure from the "spirit of Aljazeera" (its sort of creepy...I really feel having hung around here for the past two days that this "spirit" is becoming somewhat of a diety, and the "Code of Ethics", plastered up in dozens of formats all over the Arabic studio, is the holy book).

Arabic channel folks still seem a bit suspicious and resentful of the english channel-of everything from their demeanor to their ethnic makeup to their choice of words during news casts. I think its only natural to feel threatened, and my sense is that that though it might take time, it will soon pass.

Tommorow I'm off to Cairo and then Gaza in the evening. But do promise more pics and commentary on my trip over here.


Blogger Amelopsis said...

Travel safely.
Thanks for all the interesting insight into Al-Jazeera and your other recent travels. I hope you find your home and friends in Gaza safe and well.

4:00 PM  

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