Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where in the world...

am I? I am sure a lot of people are wondering that. Well-truth is, I lost myself (willfully) in a most beautiful tropical island called Puerto Rico (and its surrounding islets, including Culebra). I can't say much now (my excuse-I am oh-so-tired after spending 2 days in the isolated and paradisical Flameco beach of Culebra and spending the night-with 6 of my family members, in a local taxi driver's home..:) ). I'll have to describe my experience more later, but that was my quick update. A far cry from battered Gaza of course, *sigh*, to which I will be returning by the first week of december, assuming rafah has opened. Till then...I must catch my last night of tropical breezes.


Blogger Imaan On Ice said...

Yeah, sure, just make things more unbearable for us here in battered Gaza, going on about tropical islands. Bu hu! Just kidding! Great to have you back on the blog and soon on the block, inshaAllah.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Living Away said...

enjoy your time there, so you can come to gaza with full and new batteries!
have fun! you deserve it!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Aldo said...

This American Christian is happy you are enjoying yourself. I hope the US treated you well. And now CNN reports the border with Egypt is open.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Mad Canuck said...

Hi Laila,

Enjoy your vacation and your time with your husband - after all you've gone through in Gaza over the last few months, you know you deserve it.

7:31 AM  
Blogger solitarioh2005 said...

Hi laila : Once again its great to hear from you. When you arrive in gaza let us know please.
When it comes to me I have been in Porto with my 31 year old niece. (I am the portuguese fellow that is pro israeli. ).

After I wrote thatsentence I thought to myself : What does it mean to be pro israeli ? It does mean a guy or girl does have MORE empathy with the israelis killed.
One has more empaty towards the israelis and less empaty towards the palestinians. With the pro palestinians its the other way around. When a israeli child dies , many pro palestiniaans just shurg their shoulders but when a palestinian dies in a checkpoit people do feel outraged.

In short : Human beings measure others with 2 diferent sticks. When one of us is hurt we feel outraged.
When a member of the other group does die.., we feel nothing.

Thats the way we are.

Besides that.., I discovered the joys of helping to raise a one month girl.

When I arrive in porto my nieces baby was one month old.
I learned how to hold a baby .., I gave her milk..,
Its a unique experience indeed.

When it comes to politics I have been away from politics.

I Know Sharon left the Likud.., elections will take place soon...;

6:06 AM  

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