Saturday, August 13, 2005

Layers upon layers of ..

My dad went out sailing with an old college friend of his on Friday, who is big in Gaza's NGO circles. The friend, whom I am not at liberty to identify, but who I'll refer to as "E", is close with President Mahmud Abbas. Its interesting to hear, according to E, what Abbas had o say. In a recent conversation he had with him, Abbas explained his dilemma: "I want to change things in Gaza. But I look to the layer of Fateh and PA people surrounding me, and I see shi*. So I look to the layer beyond that, and again, all I see is shi*. And the layer beyond that, and yet more shi*. In all honestly, I just don't know what to do, and how to rid myself of these layers of shi* that I am surrounded by." E, who is as secular as they come, suggested his only way out is to ally himself with Hamas and co. in a strange bedpartners sort of way, since in the past they have been known for their finesse in ridding Gaza of its shi*. Talk about a deep dirty mess.


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