Thursday, August 04, 2005

Celebrate with white and blue

Ok-as of the last post, I've learned that those mystery "victory pants" will actually be blue jeans, to be worn with white t-shirts. Um...were the collective PA heads screwed on right when they thought this color scheme up?

"For the victory rallies, the government will give away to its supporters 128,000 pairs of blue jeans along with white T-shirts.."

Dahalan insists, in a PA press release, that this is a time for "all to join together under one banner-the Palestinian flag."

Meanwhile, Abbas has forbidden any factions from displaying their flags during the celebrations (except the yellow Fateh flags of course, which have covered the Legislative Council in anticpation of a big 'victory festival' today).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celebrate with white and Blue..;
Well.., your comment did remind me that the setler movement and one of the main portuguese political parties have the same colour- the orange.
Check the picture please.
It looks human beings enjoy some colours, namely blue.., white..,orange.., and green.

Blue is the colour of the sky. Green is the colour of grass.., orange does remind us oranges..,and white...; White I dont know why humans like it.
click here to see a picture of 2 groups that choose orange as their colour. Click in right bottom corner of the image to enlarge, please

12:40 AM  

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