Saturday, June 25, 2005


An addendum to my previous post: On my way to Gaza city, I would learn that 17-year-old Iyad al-Nabaheen was shot dead by Israeli snipers as he was catching birds with his friend north of the Breij refugee camp. I couldn't help but think that could have been Siham. Or one of the other boys wading in the water. Or my own son, Yousuf. But Iyad's death didn't make it anywhere. His obituary could be found in the 7th or 8th paragraph of an article talking about an attempted female suicide bombing at Erez, and the killing of an Israeli settler in the West Bank. Rest in peace, Iyad. May your soul fly higher than little Siham's kite.


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With love


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PS - email us!


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sigh... I am unable to fathom this wanton destruction of innocents by the Jews...

My son's name is Yusef also.
I look forward to your updates. Yousef reminds me so much of my son, similar age, learning to wave good bye, the hair cut, first steps, etc.
Please take care.

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I lived and worked in Israel on Kibbutz and Moshav 12 years ago.

I drove through the West Bank and saw the incredible disparity of Palestinian 4th world conditions while Israel basks in ultra 1st world conditions.

How hard would it be to do a video documentary of this?



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