Friday, March 27, 2009

Lessons from South Africa: a Duke event

Prof. Dugard is a personal friend of ours and comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge- Duke is lucky to have him this year, though few people are aware of it. He was also the predessor of Richard Falk, having authored a number of excellent reports on the situation in the OPT-and is credited with coinign the oft-quoted phrase "Gaza is a prison and Israel seems to have thrown away the key". I encourage those residing in the Triangle area to come to this event!

People-to-People Foreign Policy: Lessons from South Africa-and their Relevance to the Struggle for Palestinian Self-Determination

An Open Public Discussion led by Professor John Dugard

John Dugard is one of the world's leading experts on international law and international human rights law. South African by birth, he was a vocal critic of the Apartheid regime. He has since gone on to play an influential role in a variety of human rights causes. He has twice served as a Judge Ad Hoc for the International Court of Justice. From 2001 to 2007 he was UN Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian territories. He will help lead a public discussion about how pressure from everyday people and civil society impacted the struggle against Apartheid, and what these tactics of protest can do for the struggle for Palestinian self-determination. Tuesday March 317 p.m. Rm. 107 Friedl Bldg.124 Campus DriveDurham, NC 27701.


Blogger Unknown said...

Yes,I have heard about John Dugard.
I know of his work in Sout Africa. I will make it a point to attend.
This is Ben from Israeli Uncensored News

5:07 AM  
Blogger Amina_Akoo said...

I'm a South African citizen that has (since my very-short trip to Palestine last year) started my own little Palestine public awareness program here in my community.

It's mainly based on how OUR (as in world wide Muslims) financial contribution has lead to the death and torment of our own Muslim brothers and sisters.

I've noticed that comparing South African Apartheid to "Apartheid Israel" is very effective.

South Africans take head to oppression, as we've faced it and fought as well -- well some South Africans do...


7:36 PM  

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