Thursday, October 11, 2007

Raising Yousuf AND...

Ok, I figure its about time I make an announcement about this. But you know how it is when you forget to tell someone something, until the announcement, or phone call or whatever, becomes obscenely, inappropriately overdue?

Well the big news is: Soon, inshallah, Yousuf will have a sibling! That's right, we are expecting our second child around the new year, which makes me 28 week/7 months pregnant.

Yousuf has already taken to his new role as older sibling like a fish to water, and has promised to help me change diapers (a proposition I'm not likely to take him up on, unless perhaps I am in a state of sleep-deprivation induced delerium). His curiosity is also peaking, as he endlessly asks "how they will get the baby out" ("do they rip you open?") and when it will be time to bring her home.

The doc says its a little girl, so we are looking forward to some degree of relative quiet, but then again you never know with these things! Pls. feel free to submit your name suggestions too! Maybe I should hold a competition-most original girl's name? Name we are considering: Rawan, Salwa, Jana, Kawthar, haya, malak.