Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rotterdam rallies for Palestine

Since I was just in Rotterdam a few weeks ago, it was neat to see this article in Haaretz (also here in the IHT) about a few thousand-strong rally that took place there today on the occasion of Holland's liberation from Nazi occupation.

Both our Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, and sports minister Bassem Naim were denied entry and thus could not attend. Instead, they addressed the rally via satellite connection, in true-Gaza parliament style. "You have a heavy responsibility to break the boycott and help your brothers in the occupied territories," said Haniya, adding that "This is the day a people got back its freedom, we are waiting for the day when out country will be freed." Atta Allah Hanna, Bishop of the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, was also in attendence.

Keynote speaker former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt addressed the rally, criticizing Holland's "biased" pro-Israeli stance and boycott of the Hamas.

"The European and Dutch boycott of Hamas is wrong and even stupid," Van Agt said. "We automatically pardon the occupier and sanction the occupied nation." Well-said. Finally someone staying it like it is.


Blogger BHCh said...

Yeah, this Hamas-loving "Arian" was also a big fan of the imprisoned Nazis when he was in power...

7:54 AM  
Blogger iNFaMoUsJeSt said...

Van Agt is beast! that was totally an awesome comeback to the boycott

10:37 PM  
Blogger Sex and Dubai said...

Just heard you on the radio in Dubai, on Dubai Eye - great going.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In what way are the Dutch boycotting Hamas? They're just not giving money to Islamists.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that I read an interview in this space on your blog just the other day. One you did with the author of a book. It was really interesting and I wanted to note down the title/author of the book, so I could read it. But I come back here and it's gone. Edited out? Or did I dream it?

4:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

shlemazl zei...

>>Yeah, this Hamas-loving "Arian" was also a big fan of the imprisoned Nazis when he was in power...<<

Just found this blog. Thanks and best compliments!
What Shlemazl tells about van Agt is NOT TRUE! As a Christian democrat he was Chief president of the parliament in the Netherlands some 15 years ago. So very influential in Holland. Then he did not have this unbiased view about the "holy land" but never supported the Nazi thinking. With help of Gretta Duisenberg the wife of the ex-President of the European monetary fund he changed his mind supporting the Palestineans. He still is supporting (a Dutch website supporting the Palestinean problem) Unfortunately that site is not very active anymore. Now the same Christian democrats in Holland don't like what van Agt and Gretta say, but van Agt is an honorary member of that party, so they have to keep at least a little respect for him. Those Christian Democrats, i.c. the new unexperienced foreign minister Maxime Verhagen, refused to give a Visa to Mr. Hanyah.
Many Dutch people are angry about that, calling it mis-use of his powers. The last word is not said about this in Holland. Unfortunately, we usualy get very PRO Israel news in Holland, but thanks to this blog and others on the internet, I can show people how it really is in your country and wake them up. (I just found a good website supporting Gaza and the Palestineans:
I try to help you here in Holland as much as I can by telling. If I could be of more help, please let me know.

In peace,


3:43 PM  

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