Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let's vote already!

With less than 12 hours left to voting begins, Palestinian security and internatinal observers have deployed, campaigning has (finally!!!!) ended, and everyone is waiting in anticipation for the big day to finally be over with already!

To help the voting process go smoothly, the Central Elections Committee published page-long ad explaining to voters how to properly cast their ballots. The ABCs of Palestinian voing, if you will. Any aberrations, they warned, will disqualify it.

Only a check or an X may be used to indicate the preferred choice in the provided boxes. No other marks, such as say, an O, may be used. No double Xs, as in XX. No multiple choices. No unstamped ballot sheets. No comments of any sort on the ballot. And finally, no checks or X's outside of the designated "X box". Is everyone keeping track here?

To simplify matters, each list or individual nominee is designated with a symbol next to it, such as palm trees, crescents, hearts, spades, etc. Ok, sounds simple enough, if not dumbed down, but in the days of hanging and dimpled chads you never can be too careful. Especially given a poll released today showed 3.3% of the participants cast blank ballots.

Personally, I just want the elections to be over and done with. Our walls have been disfigured. Our privacy invaded (recently with SMS messages). And Gaza resembles a horribly decorated circus (I pity the custodial workers come Thursday morning), what with the banners, flags, and incessant campaign trolleys perusing down the city streets, blasting music and messages. Yallah khalsoona! (translation: get it over with already!)

For more check out my latest post in the Guardian, including my interview with a moronic EU election observer.


Blogger solitarioh2005 said...

thanks for the story you wrote in the Guardian blog. . I loved the way you describe your encounter with the female EU observer.In a short text you did manage to show the arrogance of that EU official.
Many human beings are what we could say : Kick Down Kiss Up.
Many human beings do treat people they perceive as inferior with no respect whatsoever. On the other hand that very same people kiss the feet of the people they perceive to be above them. I am sure that if that Yoropian observer knew you write in the guardian blog , she would treat you in a totally diferent way.
She would be kind.., she would smile...;
Many human beings are kiss up kick down, Laila.

9:44 AM  
Blogger lisoosh said...

Love the picture with the green and yellow flags. Better flags than guns thats for sure.

I know you're cynical but I love the woman who thought that the electioneering was pretty and exciting. It's a very positive thing and I hope it works out well.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Dil-E-Nadaan said...

My heart is with Palestine as you all vote today...from Eastern United States to the Middle East I send my prayers that the Palestinians show wisdom in this election.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Izan said...

Today, serching the outputs of the palestinian elections I have found your blog. I liked your post.
Congratulations a lot¡


10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great day today and a good election process. It's great to see the process working.
Regardless of the results, congratulations !


11:31 PM  

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