Thursday, September 01, 2005

Look Whose Looting Now

According to Israelreporter, it seems some of the settlers who have returned to Gaza to do some belated packing are actually looting under the guise of gathering up their propety. Apparently no one checks the settlers on their way out, and all they need to do to re-enter Gaza is send a fax to the Disengagement Authority in Israel.

Once one checks that the mover is moving only the specific property for which he was sent. A senior worker in the former Gaza Beach Regional Council revealed that citizens have been able to loot from private homes and from communal institutions without any problems, even though the army is theoretically guarding those possessions.

This is in addition to the looting by soldiers themselves. Which reminds me of the countless tales I've heard from Palestinians in Rafah of soldiers stealing their possessions during house raids (including those prized African parrots in the ill-fated Rafah zoo).

Well I guess that's good news for us-at least they are really leaving- but bad news for the Yesha Council. Anyone for a PR job?


Blogger lisoosh said...

Actually the article reports - "Truck drivers, some of them Arab, used the permits they received from the army permit authority to take anything they desired, going in and out with the same permit, time after time."

It doesn't say that it is the settlers who are looting, it says movers.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Laila said...

It said "citizens" were packing their stuff up, which, I think, means citizens of Gush. It also said soldiers. It wasn't just reported here, I remember reading it in numerous Israeli publications WHILE withdrawal was going on.

5:50 PM  

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