Monday, August 15, 2005


I don't know how many times I've said that word today. What does that mean anyway...and have you ever though of how many sentenes you can use some derivative of it in...we no longer want to engage with are not engaging enough for our, but the line is engaged with protester's calls at the moment...and I got engaged to all this madness while covering disengagment.

I feel like my speech has a become a series of edited and re-edited sentences with all the same buzzwords,


Still, I return to what comes after diseng..oh you know. With word of a kidnapped French-Algerian reporter last night, we return once again to, yet another buzz word, "lawlessness and chaos" after withdrawal. Usually these terms are uttered in unision with Hamas (just as Gaza is teamed with "hotbed of terror", courtesy Sharon's speech tonight).

However, the trained observer will tell you its really a problem within the ranks of the ruling PA's Fateh party itself, with a corrupt system of patronage and payoffs, and hundreds of former guerillas to incorpate into the system. Tonight, we received yet another reminder of the problems that Abbas will have to at some point face: hundreds of fighters from the al-Aqsa martyrs Brigades marched through Gaza's city streets shooting their weapons, not in celebration, but to make a point: "We will never give up our weapons so long as a single Israeli soldier remains" they shouted. What's interesting is that they don't disassociate themselves from, or criticize the PA. They also shouted "Fateh...Fateh...Fateh."

Just another card to throw into the pile, to make things more fun. After all, we could all use a good laugh about now (and I could use a good night's sleep ... so off I go).


Blogger solitarioh2005 said...

I could use a good night's sleep ... so off I go

I totally agree with you. In some , many cases the best we can do is disengage from problems and rest ,or have a good night of sleep.
If we were to think about all the bad stuff that did happen or will happen in the future future..,we would be burned out. Therefore , to disengage from the disengagement.., from hamas.., the future "lawlessness and chaos" ..., is really important .

In order to keep sanity , we must disengage from the disengagement .

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sitting lazily from my office in Ramallah, I can see the brand new traffic-light that has been set on the corner. People here are still waiting for the cops to be able to give real fines, and thus enforce them. But apparently, journalists turn a blind eye on lawlessness in fortunate Ramallah.
Being French myself, I was rather surprised at the relative muting of the kidnapping of a France 3 reporter in the French media. A non-event, apparently, just like people from the West being taken as hostages in Eastern Yemen - nothing to write home about, really! Yet a colleague at my office, who spends most of her time in Gaza, was furious, especially at the brilliant timing of the operation; and she described it as a "family business": not even something even vaguely political...
Good luck for the coming days!

5:31 PM  

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