Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chips and charcoal..not a good combination

The other day, one of my editors sent me an email asking me how I do it-being a mommy and a journalist who’s practically on-call 24 hours. Sometimes I wonder that same thing myself I told him (usually around the time I’m conducting an important interview on the phone and Yousuf crawls onto my lap, pulls up my shirt, and starts uncontrollably chirping “bizzah, bizzah!” (translation: Boobie! Boobie!) to the horror of the person on the other line).

It’s been particularly challenging this week because my parents are out of town for 10 days so I'm watching Yousuf on my own. Today, in between the phone ringing off the hook and trying to get a story in on time, Yousuf popped open a bag of chips, and found his way to a box of quick lighting charcoal. Everything became black and salty within the span of 5 minutes. And they say the Israeli army has an enormous destructive potential…


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