Sunday, February 13, 2005

A truely Gazan palette

Yet further proof that Yousuf has picked up more of my Gazan roots than his father's Haifa-wy ones : He wolfed down a plate of chicken liver, Gaza style, today. That means LOTS of chilis (those who have been a foot away from a Gaza chili can relate). And he didn't seem to mind them one bit. His father, bear in mind, can barely stomach black pepper, haha. On the other hand, when I attempt to feed him any dairy product (the staple of the North), even if disguised in other foods, he will spit it out in disgust whilst dramatizing his distaste. Another thing I think he picked up from Gaza (besides his voracious appetite) are his manners! He found a tangerine on the floor and ripped it apart-quite literally, before stuffing it in his mouth. *Sigh* I think we're going to have to work on table manners.On another note, his hair is getting of control. and I mean it. Yassine is insisting I let it grow until he seems him again, hopefully next month.


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