Saturday, February 05, 2005

The tribulations of occupation

Well, as per my last post, we are back in Gaza, safe and (arguably) sound. Yousuf's adjusted well, and has taken to his crib, and to his new environs, like an Israeli soldier to his Oakleys. He's also developed an unsettling affinity for strawberries and cucumbers. He'll down a plate of those suckers even if he's had a full meal...I suppose its better than chocolate (given his genetic diposition to the cacoa bean, God be with us when that happens).

An aside on one of the many consequences of occupation here: due to the Israeli closure of the Muntar commerical crossing, though which all goods, guilty pleasures and daily necessities (I concede the line is often blurred), pass, there are no more pampers brand diapers in the supermarkets here! aah!! I've had to go with a cheap local brand in the meantime. *Sigh* these are tough times. (fyi: I do not advocate purchasing Israel products while under their occupation. These pampers are manufactured in Poland).


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