Saturday, February 19, 2005

Power struggle

Yes, its true. Palestinian politics have slowly slithered their way into our household, even at Yousuf's tender age. Its a battle of the minds between baby and grandparents. You see, I left Yousuf alone for no more than 30 seconds today on the bathroom floor after changing him, and I came back only to find him elbow deep in green floor-cleaning gunk (only found in Gaza, by the way, and whose contents are a mystery to everyone. My hunch is its radioactive. As an aside-I'm convinced Yousuf has a gift- he can find highly toxic substances wherever they may lurk. Now I can gloat to all the other moms and drive them mad with jealousy!! My baby had a built-in radar for radioactive cleaning gunk and yours doesn't, nanny nanny nanny!!). Now, being the mother of a stir-crazy overly gregarious 11-month old, I naturally hide these substances far far away from his reach. But tete and sido, who refuse to live by Yousuf's rules ("he's not in charge around here, we are! Why should we change our lifestyle to accomodate HIS needs? what about our needs??"), insist on keeping all cupboards unlocked and all chemicals exposed. And this from a peadiatrician and an OBGYN. Now I'm having a hard time figuring out whose the baby and whose the adult. I'm thinking about building a Separation Wall between the two, or calling in international monitors, but one side refuses to give its consent.


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