Monday, February 07, 2005

On breastfeeding culture

Interesting article on the American Academy of Pediatrics' new policy towards breastfeeding moms: they should keep their babies close by when nursing them at a young age. Does this sound blatantly obvious or is it just me? How can you NOT have you baby near by when nursing?? I guess its because Americans encourage independence at a very young age (like 1 day old...:) ) whereas in the Middle East, parents are accustomed to sleeping by their baby's side.


Blogger Sean said...

I am a student from Vermont (USA). I'm currently enrolled in a course called Gender in the Middle East; as an assignment, we are to correspond with a female Middle East blogger. I noticed that you have kept up with yours so here I am.

Last semester I took a course called the Sociology of Childbirth (we spent ample time discussing breastfeeding). I am in total disagreement with American norms for breastfeeding and so I admire your cynicism on the topic :-D

I look forward to reading your entire blog and hopefully hearing back from you on topics of gender/politics in Gaza. I've just started reading your blog so it may be a few days before I finish. I've enjoyed what I've read so far (It reminds me of the closeness I have with my mother, even at age 22)...

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