Sunday, January 02, 2005


Well, first things first: we FINALLY moved out of the cold, crampy unfurnished flat we were staying in (although it was beginning to grow on fungus). My parents joined me from Saudi Arabia, which they left for good, and we are in a cozy little Cairo penthouse (although no one seems to know that is what it is referred to in the U.S.).

Update on our status: none. Border is still closed...uff. I've decided to write a feature on how its affecting people.

Now onto Yousuf: While we were in that very un-baby safe apt., he took it upon himself to see how many unusual and highly toxic things he could possibly put in his mouth. There was cardammom pods, tiny lemon-limes, soap, toilet paper, raw onions, banana peel...but the one that takes the cake is mothballs, known by the chemical name of naphthalene. I immediately had my friend in Boston call poison control, who informed me that if he is not allergic to fava beans, he should be ok...ummm. at least I can be certain his insides will be moth-free for a while.


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