Sunday, January 09, 2005

Apology to Hoda

So, after a month in Cairo, I think both Yousuf and I have adapted, and in retrospect, feel the need to apologize to both Hoda and my Egyptian friends. I'm sure Hoda knows I'm joking about her apartment, but still, I should make it a point to everyone that Hoda has been THE most hospitable person I have known in all of Egypt, even moreso than relatives of mine. She slept on the floor to let us have the bed-I mean who does that nowadays?? What a sad commentary on what's come of Arab hospitality, but its true, I've learned not to expect a lot of people. Hoda's is a rare breed.

I should also say while I still think Egypt is the dirtiest city in the world, its people are warm and welcoming, and they have embraced us. Besides, the fresh juice is a plus.


Blogger Dalia said...

"even moreso than relatives of mine"


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