Thursday, January 20, 2005

shards of glass and Murphy's Law

Add to the list of highly unusual, toxic and dangerous things Yousuf has managed to put in his mouth during these 40 days of imposed exile: a shard of glass!! I noticed him attempting to chew on something, then spit out what was a piece of glass from a chili sauce bottle that shattered the previoius day . . . oops.

He's also during the past week become very attached to his seedo, and has learned how to wave "Bye bye" (although he pronounces it "beh beh") when he sees his grandad approaching the door.

On another note, the Rafah border will FINALLY open on Friday inshallah. We all plan to journey to al-Arish Friday afternoon, then attempt to make our way to Gaza Saturday along with thousands of others. Im convinced, after God's will of course, its Murphy's law-yesterday I decided to stop buying things in minute amounts in anticpation of the border opening "anyday now", and wouldn't you have it, the border opens, :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yousuf and mama Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A true Gazan palette

Yet further proof that Yousuf has picked up more of my Gazan roots than his father's Haifa-wy ones : He wolfed down a plate of chicken liver, Gaza style, today. That means LOTS of chilis (those who have been a foot away from a Gaza chili can relate). And he didn't seem to mind them one bit. His father, bear in mind, can barely stomach black pepper, haha. On the other hand, when I attempt to feed him any dairy product (the staple of the North), even if disguised in other foods, he will spit it out in disgust whilst dramatizing his distaste.

Another thing I think he picked up from Gaza (besides his voracious appetite) are his manners! He found a tangerine on the floor and ripped it apart-quite literally, before stuffing it in his mouth. *Sigh* I think we're going to have to work on table manners.

On another note, his hair is getting of control. and I mean it. Yassining is insisting I let it grow until he seems him again, hopefully next month. And the results are terrifying.

Monday, January 10, 2005

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With Seedo (grandpa) in Cairo Posted by Hello

Yousuf eating a cucumber.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Apology to Hoda

So, after a month in Cairo, I think both Yousuf and I have adapted, and in retrospect, feel the need to apologize to both Hoda and my Egyptian friends. I'm sure Hoda knows I'm joking about her apartment, but still, I should make it a point to everyone that Hoda has been THE most hospitable person I have known in all of Egypt, even moreso than relatives of mine. She slept on the floor to let us have the bed-I mean who does that nowadays?? What a sad commentary on what's come of Arab hospitality, but its true, I've learned not to expect a lot of people. Hoda's is a rare breed.

I should also say while I still think Egypt is the dirtiest city in the world, its people are warm and welcoming, and they have embraced us. Besides, the fresh juice is a plus.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

standing on my own (sort of..)

Yes, unfortunately, we are still in Cairo. But we're trying to make the best of it. Here's the article I've published on it:

Meantime, Yousuf is growing: he stood up on his own the other day for a few fleeting seconds! I couldn't get it on film though :(

He's also developed an appetite for popcorn (thanks to seedo).

Unfortunately he's still n ot sleeping well at night, which means neither am I!

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Well, first things first: we FINALLY moved out of the cold, crampy unfurnished flat we were staying in (although it was beginning to grow on fungus). My parents joined me from Saudi Arabia, which they left for good, and we are in a cozy little Cairo penthouse (although no one seems to know that is what it is referred to in the U.S.).

Update on our status: none. Border is still closed...uff. I've decided to write a feature on how its affecting people.

Now onto Yousuf: While we were in that very un-baby safe apt., he took it upon himself to see how many unusual and highly toxic things he could possibly put in his mouth. There was cardammom pods, tiny lemon-limes, soap, toilet paper, raw onions, banana peel...but the one that takes the cake is mothballs, known by the chemical name of naphthalene. I immediately had my friend in Boston call poison control, who informed me that if he is not allergic to fava beans, he should be ok...ummm. at least I can be certain his insides will be moth-free for a while.